Monday, November 12, 2012

How To: Make a Wide Stretchy Headband

Stealing my kisses from Macky boy.
When I went to Las Vegas last weekend I bought this headband at Charming Charlies and fell in love. I’d been wanting to make one, and after I got it I knew I needed to make a few more! I love headbands for an extra accessory, but this one is kind of like an ear warmer as well! Can’t wait to wear these all winter.

What you'll need: 
You’ll need some a quarter yard of stretchy fabric, a sewing machine and thread!

How long will it take?
20 minutes.

How much will it cost?
2-3 dollars tops. I used my left over material from my Maxi Skirt

Steps to making your head band:

You’ll cut 2 pieces of fabric, the headband, 10 by 20 inches.(You can make it longer or shorter) 
And the headband tie, 4 by 10 inches.
Fold them over and pin the edges. 

 Sew just the one side opposite of the fold, turn them both inside out. Sew together only the smaller piece.

Wrap the tie around the headband, maybe 3 or 4 times. You want the tie looser. It's main purpose is to hide underneath the headband, and to bring it together in a scrunch.

Pull the tie to the center of the headband for now, and fold the headband in half. Pin the edges and sew a straight line, a centimeter in, and zig zag the edges. I did this a few times to make sure my headband was strong.

 Now fold the stitch in on both sides, like the picture and pull the tie over to cover!

Wa-la! Now forgive me for my, myspace picture. My husband is off studying, so this was the best shot of the headband I could get. Enjoy!
Oh hi, awkward Julia.

Headband I purchased, vs made.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To: Make a Maxi Skirt

 This is the easiest, cutest, cheapest maxi skirt you could ever make. In my opinion. I did some research and couldn't find one as simple, or as cute as this. I could have made it in a half hour had I not researched and made my own pattern.

All you need is:
2-2 1/2 yards of stretchy fabric. (depending on your height)
I would make sure you get something that is not see-through.

+ A sewing machine, and thread. That's it! Not even any elastic. Did I mention it is cheap to make? ;)

(I spent 6 dollars with my 40% off coupon at Hancocks. Sign up at Joanns and get emails weekly for 40-60% off one item.)

Start by folding it in half hot dog style. You want the stretch to be going horizontally.

The fold is on the left side

Next measure the length of where you want the skirt to hit your waist to the floor. Add an inch to the bottom  for hemming. Measure from the bottom up, and cut off what is left over. I had around 10 inches. Set aside.
Fold is now on bottom of page
Now measure your waist. Cut your number in half, so I measured 26 and will use 13. I measured from the fold 13 inches in and cut starting there all the way to the bottom corner.
Fold is on the right
This is what it should look like. Pin the 2 pieces together and sew a straight stitch 1/4'. Use a number 3 zigzag stitch over your straight stitch to make sure you have a strong stitch.

Next, we're going to work on your waist band. I love this band because you can fold it up and have a high waist skirt, or fold it down and have it be low..or in between! Use that same number you used to measure your waist for that piece of fabric you cut at the beginning. Fold it in half and sew the same stitch used earlier.

Fold the band in half and you're turn your skirt right-side out. With the band folded your going to pin it to the outside of your skirt. You'll have 3 pieces of fabric sewn together.
Waist band folded over

Waist band on the outside. Yes, that's a moo-moo I"m wearing.
Sew the same as you did before! Try it on, make sure the length is where you want it. And hem a straight stitch. I didn't even hem my bottom because it looked fine how it was! This is how my skirt turned out! I love it! Perfect for every season!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Learning how to be a mom

I have started this blog because I’m a new mom, and I’m learning how to be a mom. I feel like I turn to blogs for a lot of my questions. (Let’s be honest, that’s pr-e-tty often.) Blogs are where I get my recipe’s, figure out how to paint my furniture, how to sew my…everything.  So I’d love to share my favorites!  I love to do, DIY and I keep getting asked how I make the things I make. I also want to share my experiences as a new mom that I think will help other moms out there!